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What's New in the Haus

7-29-98 Added photo illustrations of 20mm FF20
7-31-98 Added photo-illustrations to 15mm ACW, 25mm Medieval,Conquistadores,Zulu Colonials,
8-01-98Added photo illustrations of 25mm Alamo Miniatures
9-28-98 Added Tim Peterson'second page of painted Frontier Miniatures
10-16-98 NEW RELEASE 25mm Roman Gladiators added to Roman Range
10-16-98 NEW RELEASE 25mm Skythians added to Roman Range
10-16-98 NEW RELEASE 25mm Barbarian slinger, bowman, std bearer & javelin thrower
10-16-98NEW RELEASE 25mm Victorian era civilians- Scotland Yard detective, Doctor w/gun, thug, indian boy, armed aristocrat in pith helmet, Aristocrat lady w/ostrich plumed hat, boardinghouse mistress w/gun
10-16-98 NEW RELEASE 25mmMacedonian lt archer, lt javelin, Macedonian Adv
10-22-98 Added Barnes & Noble Historical Book Search Engines
12-23-98 New PIX adde5d to 25mm MAD Dogs, Romans, OP Macedonians
12-11-98For new BPcast releases:Click here
Expanded 20mm WWII range integrating Houston's TRAX
01-29-99Added NEW RELEASE 25mm Colonial Italians 1890-1940
03-12-99 NEW BPcast photo-illustrations painted by Tom Panetta
04-27-99 New 20mm WWI & WWII BPcast
08-23-99 Release of Rank & File 1

08-08-00 Tactical Edge takes command of "Haus of Stuff

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