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15/20/25mm Historical Wargame/Collectible Figures
25mm Colonial Zulu Wars

F0386 British Infantry Advancing w/Cmd
F0387 British Infantry Marching & at-ease w/NCO
F0388 British Infantry Firing w/Cmd
F0389 British Inf & Dragoons Dsmtd w/Officers
F0390 Chelmsford & Staff
F0391 British Royal Artillery
F0392 British Naval Gunners/Gatling Guns
F0393 British Casualties
F0394 Dsmtd Frontier Light Horse, Durban Rifles & Natal Natives
F0395 British Ambulance & Casualties
F0396 Highlander Inf w/Cmd
F0397 Natal Natives & Natal Native Police Mounted
F0399 Frontier Lt Horse & Durban Rifles Mounted
F0400 British Lancers w/Cmd
F0401 British Mtd Infantry & Dragoons w/Cmds
F0402 Zulu Infantry
F0403 Zulu Royal Regiment
F0404 Zulu Casualties
F0405 Cetweyo´s Household
F0406 Herders,goats,oxen,steers
F0407 Boer Infantry w/Officers
F0408 Boer Cavalry w/Officers
F0409 Boer Artillery
F0410 British Engineers/mealee bags
F0411 British Limbers,riders,draft horses
F0412 Mealie Bag Barricades
F0413 Laager Wagons (2)

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