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Homegrown is proud to announce the addition of  25mm Omniscale American Civil War structures. Cast in hydro-cal these structures are faithful to the original in every detail and readily accept paint without the necessity of priming. There are enough modular pieces available to build up to 15 variations. They are designed with detachable roofs to insert figures-excellent for skirmish gaming. Complete with instructions these models are a great value. Two models are currently available with many more in the pipeline.

cover art of  box set

ACW1000 winter huts $18.50

The kit is made of hydro-cal with wood roof, 
and precut card stock shakes. 
The kit is in 25mm scale and the dimensions 
are 2.5"W, 3.0"L, 3.5"H. Price of the kit is $15.00 + S&H

ACW1001 small cabin 

at Averasboro $22.50 
Our second kit is of a slave cabin and is representative of the cabin 
that sits in the Chicora cemetery on the Averasboro battlefield near 
Dunn, North Carolina. This kit is also of hydrocal with precut card 
stock shingles. Its dimensions are 3.5"W, 6.0"L, 4.25"H. Price of 
the kit is $15.00 + S&H 

No one makes what you want?
Individual quotes are available for custom work 

Coming soon ....

We hope to release three more kits after the beginning of the year. 
Two will be cabins modeled from those standing at Bentonville, 
North Carolina and the other will be of generic "pup" tents. 

More Omniscale Pictures

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