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News & New ReleasesNew 2002 Releases: 25mm Battlefield Limber, March-Attack mid-late war Infantry Advancing, 10lb Parrott gun w/veteran crew, Mtd spotter or officer w/binoculars

NEW! 25mm Combat Action Limbers

The Limber is pulled by four horses 
reflecting the fact that in the latter stages of the war, regulation six horse 
teams were difficult to supply and maintain.  two drivers fighting to control 
their excited team horses, two gunners hanging on to the limber chest as they would when 
advancing or withdrawing the piece .

NEW! 25mm 10 LB "Parrot Rifled Gun"

This set contains the 10 PDR "Parrot Rifled Gun", (used for 
counter-battery and long range work). Included: A number one 
gunner (rammer/sponger) dipping his sponge into a wooden bucket, ( a locally 
"procured" item that replaces the normal Iron item, A NCO (Gunner) verifying the 
lay of the tube, a number four artilleryman tightening the lanyard preparing to 
fire the piece, a number six artilleryman bringing a spare wheel forward, an 
artilleryman being struck by a bullet or shrapnel

NEW! 25mm Late-War Infantry in March-Attack pose
These four figures represent line infantrymen advancing with muskets at 
"Right Shoulder Shift". They lean slightly forward advancing under the discipline 
that would carry them into effective musket range. They will then join in the 
attack that is already underway. These figures are depicted with light equipment 
and wear a mixture of headgear, jackets and blanket rolls. They can be painted to 
represent either Confederate or Union soldiers. 

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