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New Release- Rank & File Part1- $12.95
Rules Supplement to Banners & Bayonets
Complete organization information, basing information, and painting guide for Austria, Great Britain, France, Prussia, and Russia. Not only invaluable for miniature gaming, but as a general quick reference work as well.
Banners & Bayonets- $19.95
Complete tactical rules for the entire Napoleonic era-can be played with 1:10, 1:20, 1:60 figure ratios, 15 or 25mm scale. Rules cover Fire Combat, Melee, Artillery Movement, Morale, Terrain, Engineering, Spanish Guerillas, Gunboats, American Indians, Buildings, Fieldworks, Campaign Guidelines and much more.
Get Both the B&B Rules & R&F1 Supplement for $22.95 (P&H is on the Haus)
Already have the rules- Then get just the supplement for $10.00 (P&H is on the Haus)
If paying by check or money order please make payable to:
John Younghaus
               Glengarry     NY Mtd Rifles 100th Foot      1st Rifles    1st Dragoons      21st US Limited supply deal

TTG's Gladitorial Combat Rules plus a pack of 25mm Frontier Gladiators all for
$22.95 + P&H
AS soon as the supply of rules runs out this deal is over.
So please check first for availability
thanx Haus

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