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10-01-00 Homegrown figures is officially in business making available the same quality ACW miniatures it designs and supplies to national parks and museums. Art Director, ACW historian and award winning designer Col Darrell Combs (USMC retired) is now making these same models available to the public in 25mm, 54mm, 90mm, 120mm, 200mm and other scales. All of Darrell's creations will be offered direct to the public through this website. Future plans call for pre-painted 54mm vignettes, and painted 25mm ACW armies. Bookmark this site because this is only the beginning.Dealer inquiries are welcome

06-29-01 New 25mm Releases

Homegrown 25mm bagged sets have been re-organized to better organize them for "wargaming units" Also Commands will be offered separately for better assimilation into existing armies of other manufacturers

02-10-01 New 54mm Releases

3-07-01 Good News for all 54mm enthusiastsAs a result of a major streamlining and aquisition of better production facilities Homegrown is able to slash prices of 54mm models effective immediateley. Now more than ever is the best time to "git" yours

09-26-01 New 25mm Releases

NEW! 25mm Infantry & Command Sets

These new "Homegrown Figs" infantry & Command castings represent the experienced veterans fighting late in the war



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