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20mm WWII Russians

RS047 203mm tracked howitzer M-1931 B4 w/crew RS108 Js2
             RS117 T-70                                          RS116 ZIS-5 Truck M-1933
RS101 T-26 $8.95
RS102 BA-6 $8.95
RS103 Gaz Jeep w/driver $7.95
RS104 Komsomolyets Tractor $8.95
RS105 BT 5 $8.95
RS106 Gaz Truck (troop) $8.95
RS107 Gaz Truck (open bed) $8.95
RS108 Js2 $8.95
RS109 T-26 S (late) $8.95
RS110 BM-13N 'Katyusha' $8.95
RS111 BA-10 $8.95
RS112 BT-7 $8.95
RS113 STZ-3 Tractor $9.95
RS114 GAZ-AA 4M Truck w/quad maxims & crew $12.95
RS115 ZIS-5 Truck M-1940 (open bed) $9.95
RS116 ZIS-5 Truck M-1933 (open bed) $9.95
RS-117 T-70  $9.95
RS-118 ZIS 22 HT. M-1936 (OPEN BED)  $9.95
RS-119  T-34/1940   $9.95
RS-120  T-34/1941    $9.95
RS-121  T-34/1942 (barrikady)   $9.95
RS-122  T-34/1943   $9.95
RS-123  T-34-85   $9.95
RS-124  SU-85   $9.95
RS-125  SU-100    $9.95
RS-126  SU-122    $9.95
RS026 57mm ATG w/crew $8.95
RS027 76mm AT/How w/crew $8.95
RS028 152mm How w/crew $8.95
RS029 45mm ATG M-1942 w/crew $8.95
RS037 122mm How M-30 w/crew $8.95
RS040 150mm How D1 M-1943 w/crew $8.95
RS041 100mm ATG M-1944 w/crew $8.95
RS046 76mm Inf Gun M-1927 w/crew $8.95
RS047 203mm tracked howitzer M-1931 B4 w/crew $11.95
RS055 45mm ATG M-1932 w/crew $8.95
RS068 Artillery Limber w/horses & w/crew $8.95
RSF01 120mm mortar w/crews $3.95
RSF02 14.5mm AT Rifle PTRS M-1941 2/crews $4.95
RSF03 Cavalry (10) $9.95
RSF04 Cossacks (10) $9.95
RSF05 7.62mm M-1910 Maxim MG w/crew $3.95
RSF06 Russian Command Section $4.95
RSF07 Forge Wagon w/horses & crew $8.95

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