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15/20/25mm Historical Wargame/Collectible Figures
25mm Mexican American War

F0611 Mexican Regulars & Cmd

F0612 Mexican Irregulars & Militia w/Cmds

F0613 Mexican Lights & Marines w/Cmd

F0614 Mexican Guard of Supreme Power Adv & M-A w/cmd

F0615 Mexican Regular Cavalry

F0616 Mexican 1st Cavalry & California Lancers w/cmds

F0617 Mexican Irregular Lancers w/cmd

F0618 Mexican Tulancingo Cuirassier w/cmd

F0619 Mexican Jalisco Lancers w/cmd

F0620 Mexican Presidential Cavalry w/cmd

F0621 Mexican Hussars w/cmd

F0622 Mexican Light Cavalry w/cmd

F0623 Mexican Foot Artillery w/12 pound smoothbore

F0623a Mexican Foot Artillery w/6 pound smoothbore

F0623b Mexican Foot Artillery w/24 pound howitzer

F0623c Mexican Foot Artillery w/12 pound howitzer

F0623d Mexican Foot Artillery w/mountain howitzer

F0624 Mexican Horse Artillery w/12 pound smoothbore

F0624a Mexican Horse Artillery w/6 pound smoothbore

F0624b Mexican Horse Artillery w/24 pound howitzer

F0624c Mexican Horse Artillery w/12 pound howitzer

F0624d Mexican Horse Artillery w/mountain howitzer

F0625 Mexican Mtd & Dsmtd Personalities

F0626 US Infantry Regulars w/Cmds

F0627 US Militias w/Cmds

F0628 US Dragoons Mtd & Dsmtd w/Cmds

F0629 US Irregular Cavalry Mtd & Dsmtd w/Cmds

F0630 US Foot Artillery w/12 lb smoothbore

F0630a US Foot Artillery w/6 lb smoothbore

F0630b US Foot Artillery w/24 lb howitzer

F0630c US Foot Artillery w/12 lb howitzer

F0630d US Foot Artillery w/mountain howitzer

F0631 US Horse Artillery w/12 lb smoothbore

F0631a US Horse Artillery w/6 lb smoothbore

F0631b US Horse Artillery w/24 lb howitzer

F0631c US Horse Artillery w/12 lb howitzer

F0631d US Horse Artillery w/mountain howitzer

F0632 US Mtd & Dsmtd Personalities

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