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15/20/25mm Historical Wargame/Collectible Figures
25mm US Little Wars

US LITTLE WARS 1912-1940īs
OP001 US Inf/montana hats attacking w/Officers
OP002 US Inf/montana hats marching w/Officers
OP003 Dsmtd US Cav/montana hats w/Officers
OP004 Mtd US Cav/montana hats w/Cmd
OP005 US Sailors/trench helmets attacking w/Officer
OP006 US Sailors w/Officers
OP007 Villista Infantry w/Officers
OP008 Villista Cavalry w/Officers
OP009 Carrancista & Rurales Cavalry
OP010 Carrancista Infantry w/Officer
OP011 Phillipino Moros w/Chiefs
OP012 Chinese Students & Warlords

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