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15/20/25mm Historical Wargame/Collectible Figures
The Great War

THE GREAT WAR & Colonial Campaigns 1914-29
F0351 British Infantry & Highlanders w/Officers
F0352 Vickers Mgs & Gunners w/Officers
F0353 French & Moorraccan Infantry w/Officers
F0354 German Infantry & East African Rifles w/Officers
F0355 Turkish Infantry w/Officers
F0356 Russian & Bulgarian Infantry w/Officers

Some figures in the above packs have seperate heads.

Please choose from the following list:

  1. British: Peak Cap, Steel Helmet, Scottish Bonnet, Aussie Bush Hat, Sun Helmet

  2. German: Peak Cap, Pickelhaube, Steel Helmet

  3. French: Kepi, Adrian Helmet

  4. Turkish: Sun Helmet, Fur Cap

  5. Russian: Peak Cap, Fur Cap

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