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15/20/25mm Historical Wargame/Collectible Figures
25mmVictorian Classics

VC01 British Infantry w/Officers
VC02 Highlander Infantry w/Officers
VC03 British Artillery
VC04 Highlander Artillery
VC05 British Cavalry attacking
VC06 Dsmtd British Cav & horseholder
VC07 Sudanese Infantry
VC08 Egyptian Infantry
VC09 Dervish Infantry w/Cmds
VC10 Fuzzy Wuzzy Infantry & Casualties
VC11 Mtd & Dsmtd Amir & Kashkhanshan Riflemen
VC12 Mtd Dervish on Horse
VC13 Mtd Dervish on Camel
VC14 Mtd Fuzzy Wuzzy on Camel

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