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15/20/25mm Historical Wargame/Collectible Figures
25mm Franco-Prussian War

F0261 Prussian Line & Jager Infantry w/Cmds
F0262 Prussian Line Artillery
F0263 Saxon,Bavarian,Wurttenburger Inf
F0264 Prussian Cuirassier & Dragoons w/Officers
F0265 Prussian Hussar & Uhlan w/Officers
F0266 French Line Infantry w/Officers
F0267 Chasseur a Pied,Zouaves,Guard Mobile w/Cmds
F0268 Naval Battalion & Turcos w/Officers
F0269 Imperial Guard w/Cmd
F0270 French Mitrailleuse & Artillery
F0271 French Cuirassier & Lancers w/Officers
F0272 Chasseur a Cheval,Chasseur de Afrique & Spahi w/Officer
F0273 French Hussars & Dragoons w/Officers
F0274 Prussian Limbers,riders,draft horses

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